Film exploring themes of internalised violence, a desire for the smooth and the positive and the expulsion of otherness.

Tired and burnt out, they cling.

Cling to what makes them, feel at ease, at home.

There is no price high enough on the ware of convenience.

Their minds consumed with futile, hopeful satisfcation.
And yet, they concede.

A life worth having

Effortlessly perfect

The rose gold of existence

In apparent abundance of the great

To feed the unquenchable hunger of the internalised violence within

The burnout glob is hungry

No matter the volume of grades, of wealth, of social reign.

The interior damage spreads

As the Burnout Glob grows, it's oily tendrils search for more.

Never satied the weary Unform will burn

Neither appeased

And yet, there is light

As the Unform suppresses the moments of otherness

Of nature, of people, of difference

A punctate point of light manifests in a deep well -

A metaphysical place within the broken Unform

Mothering Wings they come

Following the light, the moths come

They give everything and wrap their wings and lives around it

Beneath the blanket of mothers

The Little Other grows

It is time for the Little Other to begin her work

To revive, reanimate, repair the broken Unform

Little Other is strong

Yet she is far older than she should be

She bears all bear in honesty

With nothing to hide

Making use of her now saggy tits that do not weigh her down

She unashamedly shares all

A lifetime's allocation of fret, of doubt, of never enough

Accelerates Little Other's

And so, she is as she is

Now, Little Other's work begins

To steal mental objects from the mind of the Unform

To infuse it with her innate otherness

Before replanting this inspired thought within the Unform once more

And so the liberated thought hunts out the Burnout Glob

Permeating it's oily skin, driving it wretched and wild

The agitated mass struggles, inflicting a deeper hunger for more of what it craves

And the Unform will feed it

Yet the light remains

The Little Other's work succeeded

And in that moment The Unform must choose

Spit, eradicate the Glob

Swallow, go on as before

An inevitable cycle ensues

For a time will come when Unform will crave and  cave

And swallow the Burnout Glob, again.

Mentioned in NEON Review of Masters Show 2019

© Kate Bell Artist 2020 | All Rights Reserved